Interdisciplinary Group for the Analysis of Anomalous Phenomena

In October 2014, the Society IGAAP emerged from the Gesellschaft zur Untersuchung anomaler atmosphärischer und Radar-Erscheinungen – MUFON-CES e.V. In the last forty years, this society pursued the goal to, by its works, convince the scientific community that there are events in airspace which cannot be explained by conventional phenomena, and therefore should be investigated seriously. This was tried in 12 voluminous MUFON-CES reports, in which contributions were provided in scientific language, and in which urgent necessity of scientific analysis of these phenomena was substantiated.

Recently, younger members of MUFON-CES propagated the opinion that the data base still is not consolidated, and should be extended by reports of governmental institutions (civilian and military air surveillance, federal and local police). The scientists in the society however held that the data material already is sufficient for doing scientific analyses of the unknown objects on basis of their observed and instrumentally registrated physical interactions, and separated from MUFON-CES to continue their research in the new society IGAAP.

To research phenomena still not understood whose temporal and spatial appearance is not predictable and whose behavior contradicts any physical law and eludes any access, still the only way is the scientific method. As the majority of scientists, due to ignorance about the phenomena and underestimation of the insights to be gained by the occupation with them, do not hold this position, by the scientific mainstream, an Investigation is not taken into consideration. So it is left to a small minority of responsible and informed scientists, to execute private analyses, by limited means. These scientists are internationally connected. The results of their research already were made aware to consultants of the U.S. government (Laurence Rockefeller). At this Rockefeller Conference in New York in 1997, also the leader of IGAAP (and of MUFON-CES, most of the time) participated:

Participants of the workshop about the UFO phenomenon in September 1997 in Pocantico Hill, New York: Personen v.l.n.r.: Prof. T. Holzer, Prof. V. Eshleman, Dr. M. Rodeghier, John Schuessler, Prof. H. Melosh, Prof. J. Jopkii, Dr. H. Puthoff, Prof. D. Pritchard, Prof. P. Sturrock, Prof. C. Tolbert, Dr. F. Louange, Dr. L. Rockefeller, J.-J. Velasco, I. von Ludwiger, Dr. H. Diamont, Masha Sims, Dr. J. Vallée, Prof. B. Haisch, Dr. B. Veyret, Dr. R. Haines, Prof. M. Swords, Prof. J. Papike, Dr. G. Reitz, Prof. E. Strand

Also, IGAAP is collaborating with the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) and the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE).